​Main Street Outfitter & Pedego Wauconda

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Come join us for 4 nights of music every week! Always something for everyone!

Every Sunday - Open Mic Jam session from 3-7 pm. This is open to everyone! Come Bring your chops and lets hear some great music!

Every Thursday - Open Mic Jam session from 6-11 pm. This is open to everyone!  Come bring your chops and lets hear some great music! 

March 29th - The Desperate Bastards! 8 pm

March 30th - Georgia Rae! 8 pm

April 5th - No Filter! 8 pm

​April 6th - The Corner Boys! 8 pm

April 12th - The Fossil ToneZ! 8 pm

April 13th - The Gritland Band! 8 pm

April 19th - Flatcreek Highway! 8 pm

April 20th - Better With Bacon! 8 pm

April 26th - Harry Hmura! 8 pm

April 27th! - L & M Experience! 8 pm

May 3rd - Timeless Ideals! 8 pm

May 4th - White Saddle Band! 8 pm