Main Street Outfitter

MSO Pub Menu

Sandwhiches $8 - all sandwhiches comes with a side of chips, Jalapeno kettle, BBQ, Sour cream, original lays.

Baked Chicken Pesto - Soft Sub Roll with Mayo and basil pesto, swiss cheese, tomatoes, and crisp bacon.

Baked Ham and Cheese - Soft Sub Roll with mayo, ham, american cheese, and crisp bacon.

Baked Beef Grinder - Soft sub Roll with may and horseradish, roast beef, provelone, mild/hot gardinare.

Baked Turkey BLT - Soft sub roll with layers of roasted turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomatoe, and mayo.

Build your own: your choice of meats and cheeses on a soft sub roll or panini bread.

          Meats: Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Salami.

          Cheeses: American, Swiss, Provolone,.



Cheese $10

Sausage or pepperoni $11

Meat lovers, white sausage, veggie, supreme $12



Julienne Salad - Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, sliced sweet onion, ham, turkey, swiss, and american cheese $8

Jumbo beef hotdog - Add chili, cheese, diced onion, No extra charge $5

Nacho supreme - Chips, cheese, black beans, ground beef, salsa, sour cream. jalapenos by request. $9

Soup of the Week - $5.00