Castle Rock – Pinot Noir – California Cuvee
(Delicate & Detailed with Rose, Spice, Raspberry, and Blackberry)

Matchbook – Cabernet Sauvignon – Dunnigan Hills
(This classic Cabernet Sauvignon displays a deep ruby color and offers aromas of toasty oak, tobacco, dark fruit, clove and nutmeg.)

Matchbook – Chardonnay – Dunnigan Hills
(combination of older barrels and brand-new oak to

achieve the right balance of tropical fruit, cream and


Hess – Sauvignon Blanc – North Coast
(Loaded with aromatics of grapefruit and lemon grass

with a hint of lime zest)

Mont Gravet Rose – South of France
(Wonderfully fresh and fruit forward dry Rose wine)

Fleur De Lyeth – California Blend
(Rich flavors of blueberry and plum accented by subtle red fruit notes of strawberry and bing cherry)


( almost heady aromas of white flower, lilac, elderflower, lime blossom, tangerine peel and lemongrass that settle down revealing nuances of lemon sorbet, green tea, talc and sea shells.)

Riff- Piont Grigio

Fruity (apples, peaches), with elegant mineral notes. Quite pronounced, clean. Dry. Medium-bodied on the palate, crisp, well balanced and good length.

Shaya- Spanish White Wine- Rueda

(It displays a nose of toasty baking spices, nutmeg, spring flowers, marzipan, and pit fruits. )


Jean-Louis Cuvee      (Semi Dry)  Glass $6.50   

Tiamo Prosecco (Semi Sweet)  Glass $6.50  

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