Main Street Outfitter


Every Sunday - Open Mic Jam session from 3-7 pm. This is open to everyone! Come Bring your chops and lets hear some great music!

Every Thursday - Open Mic Jam session from 6-9pm. This is open to everyone!  Come bring your chops and lets hear some great music!


Feb 1st Mackenzie O'Brien 8:30 - 10:30 pm

Feb 2nd Beamish 8-11 pm

Feb 8th The Corner Boys  8-11 PM

Feb 9th The Gritland Band  8-11 PM

Feb 13th Home Cooked Wednesday 6-9 pm

Feb 15th Harry Hmura 8-11 pm

Feb 16th Peter Charles  8 - 11 pm

Feb 22nd Ironwood with Donna Brooks/Sage Etters 8-11 pm

Feb 23rd Still Joel & Just Jake  8-11pm

Feb 27th  Home Cooked Wednesday  6 -9 pm

Mar 1st JT & Ryan  8-11 pm

​Mar 2nd CrazyHeart 8-11 pm

Mar 8th Lee Baker 8-11PM

Mar 9th Blindspot 8-11PM

Mar 13th Home Cooked Wednesday 6-9PM 

Mar 15th Deja Vu 8-11PM

Mar 16th Kareoke 8-11pm Ryan's going away party

Mar 22nd Gritland Band 8-11PM

Mar 23rd Loose strings 8-11PM

Mar 27th Home Cooked Wednesday 6-9PM

Mar 29th L&M Experience 8-11PM

​Mar 30th Harry Hmura 8-11PM


-Any questions on events please give us a call at 847-526-7433